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It's been a year since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in for a second term after securing a crushing victory, becoming the country's first leader since the 1970s to do so with a clear parliamentary majority.

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The 35-year-old woman has been hospitalized after being bitten in the head and neck in what one paramedic called an "extremely vicious" attack at Shoalhaven Zoo, according to CNN affiliate 9 News Australia.

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President Donald Trump has angrily complained this week about social media companies, repeatedly accusing them of censoring conservative voices and going as far as to sign an executive order Thursday seeking to limit their power. 

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Hertz and JCPenney are two of the most high profile publicly traded companies to file for bankruptcy since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States.

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Disney World is set to reopen, but is it safe to return to the "most magical place on earth"?

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When Eric Yuan founded Zoom, he set out to create a 'frictionless' video conferencing app to be used by businesses. But then a global pandemic turned Zoom into a household name.

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The United Arab Emirates is embracing nuclear power as a major source of its energy, at a time when several countries are moving away from it. CNN's John Defterios reports on the strategy to diversify.

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